Olli Adventures: Part 1

The world is a fascinating place. So much to learn about, so much to see and so many places to explore. One of the interesting things about this blogging adventure of mine, is to see that you get a look into what people are interested in: Judging by the number of hits I have received from various posts, people are interested in Babies, Romance, Religion and farming. The posts that I put the most thought and effort into such as my latest one on climate change, don’t seem to be nearly as popular as posts about babies. Baby Olli posts seem to pull the numbers in a big way. Seeing as the blog is basically my journal, I will keep series of Olli posts with his outdoor adventures. 

Our holidays these days are short, and all revolve around where Olli will have the most fun. In amongst harvesting cabbages, planting cabbages, and harvesting potatoes we have been on a few fun outings with Olli.  A few years ago I would have considered the changes in our lifestyles a big sacrifice, but the reward you get from spending time with your baby in a stimulating and fun environment makes it no sacrifice at all. Watching you little one running around and having a whale of a time, is incredibly special. Who needs creche and kindergartens when living on a farm and with the great outdoors in our backyard. Jenny and I are incredibly lucky to live the lives we do. Although we have had a tough time financially on the farm, our way of life and starting our family has more than made up for it. 

Over the last few weeks we have been to the wild coast for a few days. We have a family owned cottage at Mbotyi that we go to several times a year. It was Olli’s first time at the beach since he could crawl and walk around. He was a little bit nervous of the water at first. He actually didn’t want to go near the water for the first day. He eventually got used to it and ended up having and whale of a time running around on the beach. He was not at all interested in playing with toys, he just wanted a stick, and to walk or sit and play in the sand.

Olli casually walking up to greet an ox on the beach.
Don’t worry we did check out the cattle first before letting Olli loose on the beach.
Olli, Jenny, and Slug checking out the very docile oxen.
Olli eating breakfast. He just doesn’t stop eating. Since he has been weaned off milk (he weaned himself), meal time is from 6am to 7pm. It’s always “num num” time.
Olli giving mommy a hug and cuddle. He is quite and affectionate fella.
Olli in his own world. He doesn’t wander far, just cruises round and round on his own mission. In this mood, he doesn’t hear a word you say. 
Olli bouncing on mummy
Chasing Olli
Looking out to sea
Olli playing on the beach. Notice the terrible mosquito bites. Jenny and I got left well alone. Olli was like live bait for the mozzies! 
On the way home we stopped off at Magwa Falls to see the veiw. Olli found a tame goat who wouldn’t leave him alone.
Giving the goat a cuddle
More cuddles
At the Magwa tea estate we managed to buy some green leaves. I am a bit of a tea and coffee “snob”. I know lots of people who roast their own brand or grind their own coffee, but I haven’t heard of anyone who makes their own tea. It’s been great fun and the tea tastes delicious. No more Five Rose’s or Joko for me, thank you!

This last weekend we spent the day picnicking on  top of our mountain. We have a road that takes one most of the way to the top and into the Transkei. There is a beautiful wetland up top that has the most incredible wild flowers out at this time of year. I have never seen the flowers so spectacular! Olli is definitely more at home in the mountains and streams than on the beach.  He loved the beach but he still is way more comfortable splashing around in a stream than the sea. He’s actually not that keen on swimming at the moment. He used to love water, but he is now quite wary of getting wet. 

Olli at home in the mountains again.
Olli in a field of purple flowers in Macibi wetland at the top of Nolangeni mountain.
Olli marveling at the colours and all the insects buzzing around him.
Olli and Guppy
Guppy the 6 week old Daschund. Olli’s new brother. 

On boxing day Jen and I took Ant and Elli to spend a day in the Ngeli forest. I took them to another secret spot of mine. Its not a long walk but there’s no path and it’s become very overgrown since I last went there a few years ago. I should have warned people to hike in long pants as out legs got absolutely shredded. 

The wild flowers are stunning at this time of year
Ant climbing up the waterfall
Only one way back down
Olli rummaging in the river bed
Throwing stones
Completely in his own world

Picking brambles with Olli.


  1. Rex This one of Olli and co is quite delightful. You seemed disappointed not to have drawn comments on your climate entry. I read it with interest and it got me recalling the blogs I have read in the past: Australian Climate Madness and especially Climate Audit by MacIntyre, a particularly lucid and rational Canadian engineer who calmly analyses published papers by mainstream climate scientists and invariably finds deficiencies in their maths, reasoning or data which undermine or negate the conclusions. As a result he is feared and unsurprisingly smeared by the alarmist camp but he soldiers on and has a large following. You may have encountered his stuff. As a result of reading your blog I went back to Climate Audit to catch up, spending a worthwhile few hours on it. So you did have an impact and I thought I would tell you.
    All the best


    1. Hi Martin. It’s not so much that I am disappointed it’s more an observation as to what people are interested in. Maybe it’s a good thing that most people don’t consider it an issue?


      1. Quite so Rex but the alarmist camp are like Fabian socialists: wolves in sheep’s clothing aiming to enslave us once they have snared us with the blank cheque they want to undermine our rights and control our lives on the pretext that they need to save us from the purported effects of industrial CO2. So probably good that people do take an interest, a rational one.


  2. Love reading your blog Ford and a special way for me to stay connected from Kenya… makes me feel like I have been home! Such a wonderful journal of the adventures with Olli and I can’t agree more…nothing sacrificial…a whole new level of fun and adventure with a baby! We are so lucky to live the lives we do! See you guys soon and I can’t wait for Eva and Olli to reunite!


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