Our Happy Place

There is a place, a secret sort of place. It’s a place I’ve called my happy place for a while now. I love exploring and discovering new places, but to this place I return time and time again. It’s close to an hours drive to get there followed by long walk to get there. Its very much off the beaten track and I am not aware of anyone else who goes there. It’s a world so green and lush, you can hardly believe you are only 30 km as a crow flies from Kokstad where I live. I haven’t been there since May, and I today I thought it high time we return. Olli has only ever been there once, when he could hard even sit up. 

There a big slab of flat rock that we picnic on. Its surrounded by forest, and 50m upstream is a huge pool at the base of a 50 m high waterfall. This place is one of complete freedom and isolation in one of the most pristine places I’ve been. It’s a good hour and a half walk to get there. It’s a steep climb up onto a green and grassy plateau. The wild flowers up here in summer are absolutely amazing if you get the timing right. The drought has taken its toll over the last season, and they flowers are nothing like they have been a few years ago. It’s beautifully green now and the rains have finally come, so maybe in a months time the flowers will be in full bloom. 

Here follow few pictures of our hike today. Olli had an absolute ball, and I reckon we will be back soon. Along with the natural beauty, it’s a safe place for Olli to roam around and have fun. There’s something about this place, something that Olli and Jen see too. What was My Happy Place, now reads Our Happy Place. 

Looking up the valley towards the falls.
Olli and mommy splashing around.
Sausage for lunch. A cold porky and boerie being devoured at one time.
Olli and Mum admiring the view.
“Mum, what’s that?”
Setting up my rod.
Jen and Olli below the falls.
Olli having a blast splashing around in the shallows.
Olli exploring
“Daddy, I think I like this place”
Fishing in the nude

Here is a link to another post I wrote earlier in the year on the area which has many more and better pictures (without a baby though): 



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