A Tribute to a Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have always been part of my life. We have always had a dog or two, and all of them special in their own way. Anyone who knows me and has visited us on the farm will have met Guni. Guni the dappled Daschund has been one of my best and most loyal mates over the last 4 years. He went everywhere with me. Ever present on the river side waiting for me to hook a fish, ever present driving around the farm, ever present while on my evening runs, ever present as a vacuum cleaner at Olli’s dinner time. Generally Guni was everywhere and living life to the full.

Sadly Guni’s life came to a devastating end today. While planning the route for this weekend’s trail run, Guni came across a tasty piece of meat laced with deadly poison. It was on our neighbours farm who was trying to poison Jackal. I will say no more regarding the horrific practice of poisoning animals in this fashion. I will give the farmer the benefit of the doubt, that he is ignorant of the damage that he is doing to the environment.

There is a sign on the farm gate saying no dogs but what can a 4 kg sausage dog do anyway. Guni in typical fashion was not going to be left behind. He had been sick and vomiting for the last few days but he was never too sick for a mountain adventure. This morning he escaped the house and came running up behind us, uninvited. He came with our other faithfull hound, Slug. Slug obeyed his orders and headed home, but not Guni. He gave me this long look as if asking “are you serious, can’t I come hiking?” I wasn’t about to carry him all the way back so along he came.The rest of the details are trivial, other than I know what happened and he’s gone.  The impression that this tiny little hound has left on us and everyone who met him was enormous. There are very few dogs that I’ve met that I would remember, but Guni was one of those who everyone loved. He was a little crazy maybe, but the ultimate character.

Goon Baloon, our “first born”, rest in peace. Jenny, Olli and I will miss you a lot. You would have been the best friend for Olli growing up on the farm. You were the best dog I’ve ever had and I can only look back at the last 4 years and remember the fun we had. I will even miss the way you would rush up to a pool, get in the water and wait for me to start casting. I’m sure you spooked many a good fish with your over enthusiasm, but it was all good fun non-the less.

I hope this hasn’t made you too sad, I normally only write about happy stuff. This being the journal of my life, how could I not pay tribute to such a legend. Guni, your name will live on in our family and the hill top where you were last seen will be known from now on as Mount Guni.

Here follow a few memories of Guni. The pictures speak for themselves.


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  1. I certainly remember the Goon, a short meeting early on in his life…. I knew he was destined for big things!! There is a reason they call a dog “Mans Best Friend”… we have all had that special one that leaves a mark in our life and stays in our hearts forever!!!
    A lovely tribute Rex…. Keep well bud. Bruce and Kim.


  2. Hey Ford, Jen and Oli
    Guni most certainly was a legend being! I say being, because he was more than a dog, he was a companion, he was entertainment and most of all a friend to us all. How can so much character, excitement and zest for life fit in such a small vessel? We will miss him.
    R,M + E


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