Apologies to Those Offended

Kokstad sunset

To all those who were offended by my blog post “Faith like a Cabbage”, I apologise. What I said was out of place and off sides. For starters I never knew so many people would read it. I write for fun and to a small audience.  I write about my day to day life and about whatever I find interesting. It’s probably my uncles and aunties and a few Facebook friends who know me that read my blog. It was totally unexpected that “Faith like a Cabbage” would receive as many veiws as it did. Maybe it was the catchy title? It was the blog post that received the most comments and all of them positive. I wrote it with no offence meant but when I read it now I can see that I could have offended some people. Anyone who was offended, I’m sorry. I try and look at everything with a critical and sceptical eye. Anyone who knows me will know that all though I may be opinionated, I am the last person to try and deliberately belittle someone, be nasty, or offend someone.  There’s a time and a place for those debates, but it’s not here on this blog.

From now on I will focus on matters other than people’s beliefs. Those are private and I am in no way wanting to make myself unpopular in the very farming community which makes my life on the farm life so much more special. The Kokstad farming community is full of wonderful people who have been very supportive to our family over the last year. Thank you to all those who have offered and given assistance to us, it’s very humbling and it’s much appreciated.



  1. I don’t think that there would be a person on earth who could exist without causing some offense ever. Offense is usually only terminal when combined with a remarkable lack of common sense, the rest of us usually get over it .


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