The Happiest Year of My Life: Happy 1 yr Anniversary My Luv

I can’t recall a year that I would consider bad, or even average, but this year has been tops! I have had a couple of gap years filled with exciting adventures with memories that I won’t forget. This year tops all of that due to something completely different. I have had some amazing hiking and fishing adventures but nothing beats getting married and having our first child. Today I have been married to Jenny for exactly 1 year. Oliver our little boy is hot on our heals and is almost 7 months old. One day he will ask the question of how come he is the same age as the years that we have been married?

Jenny and I knew we were meant for each other from before Olli was conceived and so when Jenny fell pregnant in January last year it was undoubtedly the most exciting day of my life. It signalled a permanence in our relationship. We were married with no frills and no fuss at the magistrates court in Kokstad. No fancy white wedding and no expensive wedding rings. Marriage was not our top priority, but both of our parents insisted we tie the knot before the appearance of Olli. I couldn’t even afford a wedding ring at the time so Jenny bought her own ring. Yes it’s hilarious but true.

This week Jenny suggested that for our anniversary we should hike to one of my favourite places, high in the hills to hopefully catch a trout. More importantly than the fishing was to spend a day out in the mountains, with no one else in sight. What a splendid idea i thought. I had to pinch myself to check I wasn’t dreaming. My wife wants to go fishing and hiking to celebrate our wedding anniversary!!

We left Olli with granny for the day and set off on our walk. Jenny has been giving me grief about my fishing skills for ages now. She thinks it’s ridiculous that I go off into the hills and celebrate a blank day. “Why don’t  you just leave your rod at home”, she says. “You can catch as many fish by casting on the lawn at home”. I never hear the end of this banter. Today I wanted to show her why I love stalking Brown trout in these small streams. I wanted her to sight cast to a cruising fish. To experience the rush of seeing that slow deliberate take that is so typical of a Brown. Alas the fish were hiding today. I saw nothing all day. I didn’t even spook one. A month ago I caught 3 beautiful fish in this stream so I know they are there. Needless to say Jenny was chirping non stop about how I should give up fly fishing, or I should fish somewhere that actually has fish.

Nonetheless we had a magic day out celebrating our happiest year of our lives. I won’t get too gushy now, but in short I am a very very lucky guy.

Here are a few pics from today.

Climbing down into the gorge
Our favourite picnic spot below the falls
Sneaking around the pool looking for some of the resident Brown trout
Happiness is...
Sneaking up on a likely looking pool
Taking the scenic route home
Beautiful autumn grasses

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