There’s no Simpler Way to Have Fun

As I got to the top of the mountain the rain stopped and the mist lifted.

Few things in life are as pleasurable as an aimless run. Today it was bucketing down with rain and I decided to go for a short jog to check up on a few things on the farm. Nothing like getting wet when you so desperately need the rain. This would have normally been the Easter rain but God forgot to check his calender this year with easter being a whole 10 days earlier. As we say better late than never, thanks buddy. The much needed rain energizer me just as it was energizing my recently planted crops and what started out as a short jog became one of those zoned out and aimless runs that I love so much. You start feeling better as you get further from home, and then instead of turning round your just carry on running. Each turn you take, takes you further and further from home. Aimlessly with no direction, with no goal, no gps, no heart rate monitor, just you, the road and a grey sky pissing blissfully down upon you. Then it dawns upon you,  Oh Shit! Now you have to get home and home is a long way behind you. You turn left off the road and climb the mountain to take the scenic rout home The cold rain invigorating your as you head higher up into the swirling mist. The steep climb is a welcome reprieve for my weary legs after many kilometers of running on the road. I know this mountain well enough by now and the fact that the top is hidden from view seems to make the climb fly by.

The mist lifting as I ran along one of my favourite mountain ridges.

A few years ago I had no idea that running could be so much fun. I was one of those people who looked at runners and thought to myself, what a boring way to keep fit. Here I am a few years down the line saying how much fun it is. There can be a more simple way to have fun than a plain old run. Some people stand on their heads on a yoga mat and stare at the sun, quite frankly I prefer a good old run.


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