Climb Every Mountain

It’s amazing what’s right on your doorstep if you jut take the time to look. Most people spend every day dreaming of a holiday in some far off place, but every now and then one needs to stop and look around you. Everyone I know loves the feeling of summiting a mountain, the views from the top and the feeling of complete freedom. There’s no bookwork to do up there, no government or politicians to piss you off. No people being negative and no worries about how you will ballance the books the next month. It’s just you, the cool breeze in you face, an amazing view, and a complete feeling of freedom. There is one small problem, most people don’t like journey. They love every thing about climbing a mountain except the pain involved in getting to the top.

The last ray of sunlight shines on our factory and home which are in the center of the picture. This picture was taken from the top of a ridge to the west of our house. It was my first time climbing the peak. It stands at 1700m, which is 500m above our house.


Climbing a mountain is a bit like life in general, it can be tough along the way but with some wonderful views. Enjoy the views along the way, stop a bit, take a picture of that sunset, or that pretty flower. Observe as you climb for as you observe and take in your surroundings it takes your mind off the tough task at hand. If you feel tired, don’t rest too long, just keep plodding on slowly. If you need a rest, rather walk slower, and if you have to stop, don’t sit down. I guarantee you that the quickest way to the top of a mountain is a slow plod where you don’t sit down and rest. It’s like that in life too, slowly but surely wins the day.

The view from the highest point of Nolangeni Mountain. It stands at just over 2000m and makes great evening climb. I leave my motor bike at the base of the mountain at around 1400m. Not bad training for the Mnweni marathon in a few months time. If I really feel energetic I can start at the river on our other farm. That’s a climb from 1150m up to the top which is no small mountain in anyone’s books. The town of Kokstad is in the middle/right of the picture. The stone wall was build in the late 1800s by my great great great great great…. grandfather. (not sure how many greats I need to throw in there)


We have our mountain to climb on the farming front, but the journey is an enjoyable one. It’s a bit like climbing Mount Everest. It’s a bloody huge mountain and and we will need a bit of luck to get to the top, but there’s definitely nothing boring about the journey. However we get through this season there will have been some extremely valuable lessons I have learned which I will write about later in the year. At the moment we are figuratively at the foot of the Khumbu ice fall, right at the bottom of the mountain and one of the most hazardous obstacles. We have a plan on how to get to the top, no we need a bit of luck, a bit of nous, and a lot of perseverance.

Here are a few pictures of climbing some of the mountains on our farm and our neighbours farm. As you can see it’s greened up a lot, but don’t let that deceive you. Our dam is still almost empty and the whole area is still in dire straits. The drought is so bad that you would say, “you can’t make this shit up!” I will post an update of our drought situation in April by which time we have hopefully had some decent rain. In the meantime I will enjoy climbing both our figurative mountain and the real mountains.

Apologies for the photo being upside down. this is a 180 degree panoramic view from the top of Nolangeni Mountain.


On top of the world with my hiking companions. Slug enjoying the views as much as I am.


Note. As I was writing this blog post, a big storm dumped between 10 and 50 mm throughout our catchment area so we will wait and see if any water reaches our farm. For now the crops are all happy with the rain we have had. Bring on some more.



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