Mother Nature’s Garden at it’s Best

The wild flowers that you find in the Drakensberg and Lesotho in summer are quite something to behold. Every year is different depending largely on if the veld was burned or how much rain has fallen. Sometimes you realise that you are in the right place at the right time and the fishing can wait for another time. You won’t often be in a place at precisely the right time with the right weather and light.  When it all comes together, bugger the fishing there’s many more chances for that. You just have to soak it all in and get down on your hands and knees and have some fun photographing nature’s garden at it’s best.  Unfortunately I can’t profess  to know much about the wild flowers, but I love photographing them nonetheless.
Here are some pics from 3 particular fishing trips into the Lesotho over the last few summers.

I would love someone to drop me an email and send me their names so I can update my blog, but right now I feel like sharing their beauty and haven’t got the time for identifying them. There are lots of the pics so I have downsized them quite a lot, but they are magnificent in full resolution. All these pics were taken with my cannon F16 which is nothing special in terms of cameras, but it takes a decent quality photo.

All of the above pictures were taken in January 2014 while hiking up the Rhino in the Underberg area.

The above group of photos were taken on top the Drakensberg near Giants Castle also in January 2014.


The 3rd group of photos were taken in December 2014 on a fishing trip and Berg hike in the Mweni area and Senqu River Valley.



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