My Best Mistake

Never again will I make a mistake that turns out so well, full stop! Here is a worthwhile diversion from the fishing stories.


Jenny and I have to be the luckiest parents around. We didn’t plan on having a little one in the first place but exactly a year ago we made our best mistake ever and Oliver Fey is the result. That mistake has been a life changing episode for the two of us who have taken to parenting like ducks to water. Jenny Is a relaxed and a totally chilled out mother and she gives me freedom to be an unconventional father. Some of my handling methods are definitely not from the “How to Rear Babies” manual. Oliver has become the
most delightful little fella who who started life out as a little orifice with the IQ of a cabbage, and now is starting to develop a real personality.


Olli spends most of his time smiling and observing his surroundings with very little effort wasted crying and squawking. We have no televsion in the house and so when he needs attention it requires a walk in the garden or a trip round the farm with him in his favourite pouch. So long as he is observing things outdoors, he is happy. He has seen a televsion at my parents house and he was immediately transfixed. It would be an easy cop-out to get a TV to keep the baby occupied, but I am determined that his stimulation will be things outdoors and real life experiences. We have taken Olli on several outdoor adventures, and each time he has absolutely loved it. Obviously you are a bit limited in how adventurous you can be, but generally he is happiest when he’s outdoors.

Here are a few pics of a hike we did up the Swimans River last weekend. I caught a few small fish in the lower reaches. The upper reaches looked really good but unfortunately there is a waterfall preventing the fish from moving upstream.






I have no idea whether Jenny and I have just been lucky to have a happy baby, or if his happiness is from being in a happy and chilled out environment. From his time in the womb, to his current 3 and a half months he has yet to hear an angry word. I am not a scientist in the field of paediatrics but the stress levels of the mother must have some sort of an effect on the child in the womb and thereafter. Many people have told me ” just you wait” and that he has only just started teething. Well for now I am very grateful that we have almost had a full nights sleep every night for the last 3 and a bit months. For those who don’t have kids, maybe one day you will understand what I mean when I say that there is nothing more beautiful than your own child’s smile.

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  1. Just reading about this and looking through the pictures I find all the pages of my book perfectly fulfilled and well depicted. Nothing is as life changing as the arrival of a baby… a child’s absolute happiness makes your complicated world receive simplicity and show you its not all so bad. This is a truly well documented piece of work Mr Rex Fey, and I have no doubt in my mind that Jenny is the perfect mom and wife.


  2. Hey Rex, is a baby or a catch (fish) that you are holding on the foot? Congratulations for the wonderful pictures, the handsome boy and beautiful wife!


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