Why Brown Trout?

Two grown men hugging each other with joy after landing a Brownie of 10 inches, whats going on? How can such a small and athletically challenged fish induce such joy?  What is it about Brownies that I and many other fly fishermen love about fishing for Brown trout?

Yesterday morning I took a friend, Dieter Nischk to fish one of my secret streams. It was due to be a stinking hot day so we we on the road at 4:30 am hoping to fish for a few hours in the cool of the day. The day highlighted exactly why I love these fish and why if I could choose to fish for one fish for the rest of my life, then Brown trout it would be. Brown trout are possibly the most athletically challenged fish I have ever caught. The lowly bass might even be a better fighter, but what they make up for in athletic ability they make up for in craftiness and good looks. There can’t be much more beautiful a fish that a heavily speckled Brown Trout.

Dieter sneaking up a narrow rub.
Tight and overgrown, a Brown trout paradise

Dieter and I had a tough day on the river. The stream was low due to the ongoing drought. The fish were nowhere to be seen for the first few hours fishing. Its typical in my experience of Brown trout, for them to do a dissappearing act. Then suddenly when you least expect it, a fish scoots up stream from its lie which was in no more than 4 inches of water on the edge if a pool. They often leave wondering what the hell they were doing there in the first place. Why sit in 4 inches of water when you can sit in 1 meter of water slightly higher up stream? So you carry on upstream promising yourself you will be more careful at the next run. Immediately you spook another fish in an equally ridiculous lie. All you can do is laugh and admire them for them outwitting you once again. This is one of the mysterious aspects of Brown trout that makes them such enjoyable fish to catch. They can make a blank day a thoroughly entertaining one as you walk up stream trying your best to see them before they see you. They do the unexpected and they require you to fish completely differently to how you fish for any other fish. Fishing takes on a completely different and much more exciting form of hunting where one fish of 10 inches can make your day.

Fish spotted
Crouching down low and waiting for the take.
A beauty comes to hand
This is one of the reasons I love these fish.

Dieter and I were lucky enough to sight cast and catch to one small Brownie each. Sighting Dieter’s fish, watching his perfect cast and the fish obliging was definitely more exciting than than my own fish. It’s the sharing of what I consider the ultimate fishing experience with another angler that’s the most special of all. 

Bless the Brown trout and their weird and wonderful ways.



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