Getting Back on the Trail

Anyone who plays sport or runs will understand the frustration of getting injured, especially if the injury was self inflicted. You may or may not of heard of a “UDI”. A UDI is an Unidentified Drinking Injury. Annoyingly a UDI put my running on hold for the last 10 months or so. Dancing to Jonny Clegg barefoot is not advisable for obvious reasons. If you don’t know Jonny Clegg, it involves a lot of foot stomping and jumping around. Anyway a particular dance of mine didn’t go too well with me cracking my heel after I stomped on a rock. In my attempt to continue running, I injured the tendons under my foot which takes time to heal especially if you spend most weekends out hiking in the mountains and fishing. As of 10 days ago I am back and starting to get fit again. Climbing up and running around in the mountains on and around our farm, has been my daily exercise. I am extremely lucky to have this mountain paradise on my doorstep!

Here are a few pics of some of my mountain runs over the last few days.

A stone wall on top of our mountain built over 100 years ago by my great great grandfather.
After a 600m vertical climb in the heat, any water will do.
Nguni cattle in the mist.
Even in the drought there are a few flowers out. Agapanthis high up on the northern facing sloped of Nolangeni Mountain.
Looking down over the farm in the foreground.
There’s a small pond up on the mountain that has a few Brown trout. This one fell to a hopper casted only a foot from the bank.
A beautiful flower growing in the Macibi wetland on top of the mountain.
A very unusual  creeping cactus. It looks almost like a Euphorbia of sorts. It is starting to take over a particular hill top. I was last up there about 10 years ago and it has spread a lot since then.
Looking down on the farm and factory. Our homestead is in the middle bottom of the picture.
Sunset over the Nsizwa Mountains. The ridge in the middle of the picture is definitely going to be my next mountain run.
Looking down into the Transkei from our boundary. Barren, over grazed,  overpopulated and wrecked beyond repair.

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